‘Which Barber is Gonna Admit to Doing That?’ Boris Johnson Gets Haircut and Britain is Ecstatic

Outdoor restaurants, pub gardens, and some other non-essential businesses opened across the UK on Monday as a part of Boris Johnson’s staged plan to get the country out of coronavirus lockdown. And hairdressers – they are also free to trim people’s hair as well.

A sip of beer in a pub garden with friends may not be the biggest thing some Britons have been craving since the start of the country’s third COVID lockdown. Many people were apparently praying for something else – that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would finally be free to get his blonde locks cut.

And it seems that this dream has come true: BoJo turned up in the House of Commons to pay tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh with a new haircut shortly after his spokesman confirmed that the miracle had indeed taken place.

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