When Digital Art Meets Tradition: Japan’s teamLab Presents Digital Sauna

Renowned Japanese art group teamLab has collaborated with TikTok on a brand new digital experience. Meet Sauna Trance, a project helping visitors to reconnect to the world and time, according to the group’s website.

The Tokyo-based digital art group teamLab has collaborated with TikTok on what is claimed to be an “exceptionally unique neurological state brought about by alternating hot and cold baths”.

For hundreds of years, saunas, also known as Sento (communal bathhouses) and Onsen (hot-spring baths) have been a significant part of traditional Japanese culture. The engineers and designers from teamLab came up with the idea of mixing bathing culture with digital art, creating a space where one can enjoy both physical satisfaction and the “finest mental state”, according to the art group.

Sputnik has selected several pictures portraying the digital sauna and its enchanting atmosphere.

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