Video of ‘Tic Tac Shaped Object’ in German Skies Triggers UFO Speculations Online

Waring further speculated that the alleged alien craft is “meant to blend into the sky” and “would appear semitransparent” close up.

Yet another suspected UFO sighting, this time in Germany, has been announced by Scott C. Waring, a blogger with a penchant for highlighting episodes of alleged extraterrestrial activity.

The video (the veracity of which couldn’t be immediately confirmed) that caught the blogger’s attention was apparently recorded earlier this month and shows a small white spot moving across the sky.

“These white UFOs are the most common and come in all shapes and sizes,” he wrote. “This is 100 percent an alien craft. Its colour and Tic Tac shape confirm it.”

The blogger also claimed that the object’s “invisibility cloak is causing it to appear white,” and that “if it were closer, it would appear semitransparent, although it is solid.”

He did not, however, elaborate on how he arrived at these conclusions.

At least one social media user simply branded the phenomenon in question as “another out of focus ball of light.”

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