Swimsuit-Clad Revellers Rock Ski Fest in Russia – Video

The event elicited a somewhat mixed reaction online, with social media users both criticising and appreciating the antics of the fest’s participants.

Several hundred people dressed in swimming trunks and bikinis have taken part in a recent slalom event held during the annual Boogel Woogel fest at a ski resort near the Russian city of Sochi.

Videos that have emerged online show scantily-clad revellers braving the elements as they slide down the snowy slopes on skis and snowboards, and even jump into water.

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Some social media users, however, did not seem impressed by the event, using epithets like “degradation” and “zoo” while describing it, and inquiring why the gathering wasn’t dispersed, according to local media reports.

Others, however, wondered why would someone would be upset by “people in swimsuits and shorts doing sports.”

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