Sea of Pink and White: Japan Admires Early Cherry Blossoms

Enjoying the view of blossoming cherry trees in Japan – a practice known as hanami – is an integral part of the Japanese culture. It is best to enjoy this breathtaking natural phenomenon in April, when cherries are in full bloom. However, early signs can already be observed in March.

Residents of certain areas in southern and eastern Japan, including the capital Tokyo, can already enjoy the first indications of blossoms on cherry trees, known as sakura in Japanese. The blossoming season is expected to culminate in April, although the northern parts of the country will see cherries in full bloom in May.

Observing the fleeting beauty of nature is an old custom in Japan, spanning many centuries. To this day, the nation’s parks are filled with visitors every spring, who come to have a picnic and marvel at the beauty of pink and white petals.

Even though the travel to Japan is still restricted because of the coronavirus pandemic, Sputnik invites you to have a look at the first cherry blossoms in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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