Public to See Egypt’s Newly-Found Ancient City No Earlier Than in 3 Years, Archaeologist Says

CAIRO (Sputnik) – Tourists will have an opportunity to see a 3,000-year-old lost “golden city” that has been recently uncovered by Egyptian archaeologists no earlier than in three years, as only 30 percent of the ancient city has been discovered so far, Fathi Yassin, the director general of west bank antiquities in Luxor, told Sputnik.

“I believe that it will not open to tourists in the next three archaeological seasons [lasts from September to May], since no more than 30 percent of the city has been discovered. The excavations will continue in the coming seasons”, Yassin said.

According to the archaeologist, the find is unique, as it gives insight into the technology of construction and the planning of settlements and residential quarters in ancient Egypt.

“Everything that has already been discovered is of great value and goes back to the period of the reign of Amenhotep III”, he said. Amenhotep III is the ninth pharaoh of the famous 18th dynasty, who ruled from 1391 to 1353 BC.

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