Protesters Clash With Cops, Jump on Police Cars in Minnesota After Officer-Involved Shooting

Earlier in the day, Brooklyn Center Police Department issued a statement, saying that a shooting incident had taken place on Sunday, as officers pulled over a car for a traffic violation and determined that the driver had an outstanding warrant. When taken into custody, the driver attempted to get back into the car and was fatally shot by a cop.

Crowds of protesters flocked the streets of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Sunday, clashing with police, jumping on police vehicles, smashing windshields and throwing bricks, footage shared on social media shows.

The unrest commenced after earlier on Sunday, a police officer fatally shot a driver after pulling him over for a traffic violation and discovering “an outstanding warrant”. The driver, according to police, attempted to go back into the vehicle as officers tried to take him in custody, and one of the cops shot the man.

The driver then continued to move for “several blocks” before crashing into another car. He was pronounced dead at the scene despite life-saving measures taken by paramedics.

Following the killing, protesters gathered in the area, reportedly tearing down crime scene tape. Videos shared in social media show people jumping on police cars, breaking windshields and confronting law enforcement officers who were deployed to stop the unrest.

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