‘Most Americans Do Not Want Unlimited Illegal Migration’, Political Consultant on US Border Surge

Earlier this week, some in the media suggested that US President Joe Biden might restart the construction of the so-called ‘Trump Wall,’ a barrier that was promised to prevent illegal migration from Mexico. As tensions at the US-Mexico border intensify, making it hard to deny a crisis, we spoke to a political consultant on recent developments.

Billy Grant, a political consultant based in Minnesota, spoke to Sputnik about the current border crisis. He offered his thoughts on why the current administration refuses to call the situation a “crisis” and expressed his position on how a possible decision to continue construction of the border wall could affect Biden’s standing. He also shared his thoughts on the future development of the situation on the southern US border.

Sputnik: According to The Washington Times, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told colleagues that some construction may be resumed along the border wall to plug some “gaps.” Meanwhile, the White House still refuses to acknowledge a “border crisis.” Could a change in US immigration policies happen, and how might it correlate with Biden’s election promises?

Billy Grant: Well, I think what you’re seeing is a serious gap between the political department of the Biden White House, which wants to have nearly unlimited illegal immigration coming into the country. And then the border security experts are saying, “OK, hang on, we need to do something about this.” This is a huge crisis. So I got some numbers for you. So, right now we are seeing the largest number of people coming across the border [and] getting detained in history. There’s also 3,500 kids being held in these facilities. Again, they criticize Trump all the time, so the idea that they’re now shifting their policy to say, “OK, we have to do something about this” is telling. It’s also telling that the actual security experts, not the political people, realize there’s a serious crisis and something needs to be done about it. 

Sputnik: Biden campaigned in part on the promise of repealing Trump’s so called “zero tolerance” policies. One of his first executive orders on his first day in the White House was to freeze the Department of Defense’s funding for border wall construction. How, in your view, would Biden’s electorate react if construction of the border wall was restarted ?

Billy Grant: That’s a great question, because the people who voted for Biden are going to be upset with any further action to actually finish the border wall and enforce border security. So they’re going to be very upset about that. So he’s got this problem where he’s got people on the left that are going to say: “OK, hang on, you campaigned on and being super progressive on this issue that you were going to be welcoming to people who are coming here illegally,” and then you have the rest of America, which is pretty common sense, which says: “OK, we don’t want, thousands of thousands of people coming across our border illegally. And people want to feel that a problem is being solved. And actually, the numbers are starting to move on this topic now that this is actually getting some media attention. So, people are holding the Biden administration accountable for this. And if this keeps going, they’re going to have a serious problem there.

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