Happy Customers & Sad Business Owners: Why Are English Pubs Unhappy About Easing of Lockdown?

Starting from next week people will be allowed to visit pubs and cafes, which will be serving outdoors. People are allowed to meet outside, but the groups should not exceed six people. Unlike previous lockdowns, this one will be lifted in stages and four conditions must be met in order to proceed to the next stage.

Residents of England are expected to flock pubs and cafes next week following four months of lockdown, with businesses reporting record bookings. The development seems to be good news for the economy, which have suffered enormous losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, business owners are unhappy about the upcoming flood of customers.

“We think roughly one third of pubs will open on Monday, and perhaps only a third of those will be profitable. The idea that ‘the pubs are opening, therefore everything is now OK’ couldn’t be further from the truth”, said James Calder, chief executive of the Society of Independent Brewers, which represents 830 independent craft breweries across Britain.

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