Britain Reportedly Contemplating Dublin’s Help in Tackling Northern Ireland’s Spike in Violence

The Republic of Ireland’s Prime Minister Micheal Martin warned on Friday that Northern Ireland should not “spiral back to that dark place of sectarian murders” over recent clashes in the country powered by loyalists’ disagreement with restrictions imposed by the Brexit agreement.

London is pondering the idea of holding intergovernmental talks with Dublin and discussing how tension in Northern Ireland can be dealt with, the Times reports.

According to the report, the Republic of Ireland is willing to hold a conference on the issue in Northern Ireland but Downing Street has its concerns that the move would only infuriate unionists and cause even more clashes in the country, which has been hit by violence in recent weeks.

Boris Johnson is also reportedly mulling the possibility of travelling to Norther Ireland, but the visit is not expected to take place until at least 17 April, when the national mourning over Prince Philip’s death ends.  

On Friday, 14 police officers were injured and a stolen car was set on fire during rioting in Belfast, that led to arrest of three boys aged 14.

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