Border Crisis: Why is the Biden Administration Sitting on Its Thumbs As Migrant Numbers Surge?

The situation at the border is not getting any better as thousands of migrants and unaccompanied children continue to arrive in the US as the pandemic rages. American observers are raising alarm over the government’s unwillingness to tackle the crisis and warning that the country cannot absorb and accommodate the increasing human tide.

On Tuesday, journalists were allowed for the first time by the US Customs and Border Protection inside a detention facility in Texas where more than 4,000 people were placed in a space intended for 250, according to ABC News.

After reversing most of Donald Trump policies which helped contain this tide of immigrant caravans from Latin America, the Biden administration is facing the biggest migrant surge in 20 years. However, White House officials stay tight-lipped about the unfolding crisis, and polls show that 44 percent of Americans want the illegals to be arrested and deported.

Why is the Biden Administration in Denial of the Crisis?

“It’s an absolute disaster now at the border, but it’s one that everybody could see coming except apparently for the Biden team,” says Jessica M Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies based in Washington, DC.

She notes that although the Biden administration was informed about the potential effect of their policies that did not prevent the White House from halting construction of the border wall and reversing policies that were keeping people out during the pandemic. Furthermore, the new administration abolished policies and deals concluded by its predecessors with Central American countries and with Mexico for people to be able to get a safe haven in those countries instead of coming to the United States, Vaughan adds.

​”All of these worked together to stem previous influxes of people under the Trump administration,” she says. “But Biden came in and said: ‘We’re doing away with all of that.’ And even though they were warned that it could cause and almost certainly would cause a new influx of people coming, they went ahead and did it anyway. At first they tried to deny what was going on. And now they’re scrambling, trying to figure out how either to get control of it or to handle public concern about it. But I don’t think they’re going to succeed in either one of those.”

​There are at least two reasons the Democrat establishment is refusing to call the situation a “crisis” and limiting the press access to border facilities, according to the scholar:

·         First, “they know that Americans would be upset if they understood the record numbers of people coming across, that some days there are more than 1000 kids coming alone, that they’re apprehending groups of hundreds of people coming, and that most of the families and kids are being let in.”

·         Secondly, “they believe that any amount of immigration is going to be OK, that we can absorb a very, very large number of people, more people than we’re taking right now,” even though there’s not much research or evidence to support the assumption that “it will work itself out”.

Apparently, the Dems are hoping for a long-term political gain projecting that these migrants will vote for their party one day, when they become citizens, Vaughan suggests, adding that “that’s a pretty tough bet.”

Yet another reason why the Biden administration officials are turning a blind eye to the havoc at the border is that they are not really affected by this in their daily life, she notes.

“They don’t have to compete for jobs,” she says. “Their kids are not going to the same schools as all these unaccompanied minors and kids coming in illegally. They don’t live in neighborhoods that are very changed by this influx. So it doesn’t affect them personally. So it’s not a concern to them.”

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